bringin’ sexy back to nashville

Dresses are fancy. Sandals are a sometimes shoe. No one carries a purse. Thick thighs will be noticed. Lotion is required. Brains tie this look together for one stunning, sexy presentation.


my place in this world

I have no idea what you have for me, Nashville, but I'm ready to fly. (Heads-up: this post is a lil more "deep" than the others, feel free to skip it if you wanna stick to the lighter, more entertaining stuff.)

nashville observations

Nashville is everything I imagined it to be, nothing I imagined it to be, and everything in-between. There is so much coming at me all at once that I am only able to process so much at once (I think this is called sensory overload) and it is all very new, exciting, stressful, beautiful, fascinating, and every other adjective that once could possibly cram into one sentence; it's everythingful.