on a happy note | melodic pictures

Of all the words I’ve sent your way, the ones that ring loudest in my heart this sunny, somehow cold spring afternoon on my lunch break as I take a trip down a close memory lane are the lyrical “…our overlaid inked forearms with my Nashville heart against your Johnny Cash soul.” 📷Instagram worthy.🎶

Whatever tragic playlist dominates now in your soul, make sure the last track you always end on is The Taylor Tunes, and any other beautiful additions you want to make from there to bring you back even faster to “when you think happiness, think of my head on your chest.”  📷Camera roll favorites worthy.🎶

The song isn’t finished, our story isn’t done. Our tattooed arms will be brought together yet again. And what’ll drive us to wake up when the sun shines, what’ll resolve us to sweet dreams as the moon shines, is that country melody our hearts and souls penned that day, in the moments we sang along Moores Lane. It’s not over; we’re only on pause. 📷Album worthy.🎶

Until next time.❤️🙂


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