the choice | an emoji love letter

Good morning, CountryMan. I know we can’t continue on like we have, for the sake of my sanity, but I’ll also surely go mad if I didn’t send you at least one thing today. Is the red heart emoji❤️ enough? I think you know all that it says. The other emojis I want to send would just be incomplete parts to the story. If I did share all the emojis, I think it would go like this.

The big smile emoji😃  is the amount of joy you brought when I gave you an out and you stuck around, you still visited me. The blushing, soft-smiled emoji☺️shows all the happiness shared when we finally had our Ryman steps kiss. The heart-eyed emoji😍  tells of when I opened my door and saw you there with my guitar on my uncomfortable temporary couch. The angry and broken heart emoji combo😠💔  is how I felt with myself when I told you I couldn’t want you. The kiss-with-a-heart emoji😘  reveals the deeper layer you saw and knew of me, and so you didn’t quit, and the feeling of having you not give up on me, not give up on our perfect window of time we still had yet to share. The taco emoji🌮  speaks of the heart-wrenching misery of eating across from you as we drank margaritas and laid the pain that drives us out on the table. The truck emoji🚚  reminds of an unforgettable Birmingham turbo-charged Uber home that lightened the heavy mood of the evening and transitioned us from distress to almost-joy. The tv emoji📺  paints when my couch became much more comfortable with my head on your chest, your arm around me.

The sunshine emoji☀️  unforgettably addresses the perfect moment of seeing the sun shine in on your sleeping face in early morning beauty. The place setting emoji🍽  accurately portrays the cleaned plates and best morning date over a tasty meal that gave us fuel for our day. The blue car emoji🚙  powers, of course, my Chevy Spark driving tale that got us lost due to the handsome distraction sitting to my right. The hand-holding emoji👫  represents the true reason walking down quaint town square streets and into boutiques was so wonderful. The cool shades emoji😎  radiates the coming together of the bright spring day as I got to see you see the away-from-the-city pretty land for yourself. The music notes emoji🎶  sings of the epic playlist you made for me that we played and sang along to as we drove along and enjoyed glorious perfection of an unreal magical day. The squinty sad emoji😣  reflects on when we got back home and realized our time together would soon be over. The kiss emoji😚  softens that memory with your reminder to me our time wasn’t up yet and it wasn’t a moment for sadness but perfect joy.

The blue heart emoji💙  is the feeling of realizing that you were just supposed to be fun, not someone I could legitimately want, could probably one day even love. The volume one red book emoji📕 is when I said goodbye in such a final fashion and you reminded me it’s not over. The pouring tears emoji😭  doesn’t begin to tell the sorrow of dropping you off at the airport, the hours of crying that’s yet to cease, the tears I’m barely seeing through as I type this out as I hide at work, unable to focus unless I get this out, as I continue to blame my glossy eyes, runny nose, and puffy face on allergies.

Yep, the red heart emoji❤️  is the best of all of any I could send. It doesn’t need a million words and descriptions. You know our story, you know the red heart. That’s probably why that’s all you’ve sent, a text that I’m hopeful isn’t our last, and why I’m hesitant to say anything more than the same. Until next time, my CountryMan.❤️


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