plenty of fish along the cumberland river


Now that I’m living in Nashville, am all nice and settled in to my new place, and am ready to start living my life, preferably not alone, I hopped on the online dating boat again. Before I moved, I didn’t want to date because I planned on leaving California and I had no desire to meet a fella that might complicate the already-complex moving-across-the-country thing. Now that I’m moved, let’s bring on the suitors! In a brand new pool! And let’s face it, I’m a real catch. I had high hopes for my new options. Finding people in person, however, proves to be very tricky. Thank God for technology.

Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid, Dice…the list could go on. The free list, that is. Why would I pay for if the same people on there can also be found on all the other sites? So what does the dating pool look like in Nashville?


First, there are a bunch of highly-unattractive (to me, there is a pot for every kettle, or so they say) dudes out there. The barely-make-the-cut guys are sifted out at the their/there/they’re evaluation stage. This is good. It helps weed out the bunches of unworthy contenders that are in search for my hand.

Of those applicants who make it into the short stack, I’ve found that the attractive fellas have either been divorced and/or have kids. I like this. They’ve been forced to grow up and be a role model (or at least in theory/hopes), and have also made a choice at least once to be in a committed relationship. It gives a glimmer of hope that there are less commitment-phobes in Tennessee.

The attractive ones that haven’t been divorced or have lil minis running around are either catfish (BTW, the only fish – not just the Tindery fake-out catfish, but like the kind you eat at a restaurant, in Nashville are catfish. Both are disgusting.) or musicians with a rockstar complex (who probably have littles that they are unaware of as they were too drunk to ever remember being there to conceive them). They think they’re hot, brilliant, and awesome. These guys are the worst of them all. I’d swipe right on an ugly dude before any of these wearing-only-a-guitar fools.


I found a few guys as a good start. The fellas, however, deserve their very own dedicated blog posts. And, since I doubt I’ll be finding whatever I am looking for out here any day soon, you’ll probably get to see many more posts on my dating adventures in the future. Aren’t you (and the guys I will grace with my dazzling company) lucky?


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