why am i here (on this blog, not on the earth or in nashville)

Behold, my public diary! I’m new to Nashville and, in my loneliness and seize-the-dayness, feel compelled to share all the fascinating-to-me observations and experiences that I face on a daily, and sometimes minutely, basis. I have taken to the internet as my primary medium of communication in order to maintain a bond, despite the many miles that separate us, between my friend-base in my former Southern California home (and those that also moved far away from there, and still are far away from me) so that they can have some insight into what it is like to be me, a single lady with an overactive mental-monologuing mind, living in Nashville.

I should be editing my book, the one I drafted over the last year, but in that world, things like run-on sentences (as just demonstrated), missppelled words, and overuse of the same adjectives can make it complete crap, thus sending me into an I’m-not-good-enough spiral of failure and also boredom (editing sucks). I don’t want to do that right now. I have too much going on. I want to have fun. I want to live my life.


This is not a book; it’s a blog. A fun blog established with very low expectations (self-expectations, for once…I have no idea what you, my reader, expect but you should set the bar low, effective immediately). This is a place I feel no shame in expressing thoughts, erroneously riddled with inconsistent verb tenses and way too many commas and hyphens, with the few people that already get my typo-filled text messages at all hours of the night and day. If other people come across the blog, that’s cool. This blog, however, is mainly for my far-away peeps. More specifically, for my coworker (or at least prompted by my coworker) that suggested I start a blog (she may later regret her recommendation, I plan to test her on her visits – I do have analytics, thanks to WordPress and will track her – as well as her retention).

Friends, I wish we could sit down and have a glass of wine to chat about our successes and struggles but you’re too far away. I wish I was in the office every morning (okay, maybe I don’t) so we could brief one another on the events from the prior evening as we wait for the coffee to percolate. I’m not there, I’m here at one of the many Nashville hipster coffee shops bumming free WiFi, where I’m gonna sit, type my probably-shoulda-kept-this-to-myself thoughts on my new life, share my discoveries, and take the chance that you’ll read and engage in life with me, and not judge me on my mostly-imperfect writing, likely-inaccurate assessments of my new surroundings, and potentially-poor personal choices that will be documented here on the world wide web.

Welcome to Nashville as seen through my lens.



3 thoughts on “why am i here (on this blog, not on the earth or in nashville)

  1. I do miss the morning stream of consciousness, so I look forward to being able to read the stream of consciousness as a substitute. Excited to read about your Nashvillian adventures!

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